By communicating with customers, we are endeavoring to offer products that meet customer needs.

Our website provides an introduction to our products and information, such as SDS (safety data sheet), and offers a search system for desired products with search criteria of function, usage, and chemical composition, as well as a general catalog (booklet). We are also communicating through exhibitions at home and abroad.



Provision of safe and secure products

When we introduce our products via a pamphlet or other media, we also submit the SDS at the same time so that the customer can check the technical features and the safe handling methods. Following the revision of laws related to chemical substances, including the Act on the Regulation of Manufacture and Evaluation of Chemical Substances, Industrial Safety and Health Act, PRTR Law, and Poisonous and Deleterious Substances Control Act, we revised the SDS and label indications as necessary. For newly marketed products, we have employed a system to start sales only after we confirm the compliance of the products with the customers’ requirements, including green procurement and non-use of mineral materials in dispute. We also set a rule to eliminate chemical substances that do not comply with the customers’ needs early in the product design stage.


Yellow card, SDS label



Positive quality control

We produce and market approximately 3,000 types of performance/chemical products. We have automatized the processes as much as possible through plant design to adapt to multi-variety variable production. Our domestic and overseas factories have acquired ISO 9001 certification and built quality control systems in synergy with the quality control system of our company, and they have been operating it. Furthermore, for the quality control management system concerning medical devices and external body diagnosing medicine, the Biotechnology & Medical Division has acquired ISO 13485 certification.



Export control

To export a chemical product, it may be subject to restrictions due to the Export Trade Control Order in Japan, law/regulation of the destination country, or an international regulation. In order to observe those rules, we have incorporated the export stop system in our order reception/placement system.


When making entry of an order reception, the system rejects products not registered in the export permission master data. Information serving as the foundation of this system, such as chemical compositions of products and status of their registration in other countries and the presence/absence of restrictions imposed by law/regulation, is checked by the Product Evaluation Department and converted by it into a database.


The Export Control Committee discusses and examines the response of our group to the laws and regulations in other countries and then implements the response.



Product search

In order that the user can search for desired product by criteria including function, usage, and chemical composition, we offer a search system on our website as well as a general catalog (booklet).