We will ensure such an environment where the diversity, personality, and individual characteristics of each employee are respected and where the employees feel safe and enjoy the work, will endeavor to make their lives comfortable and fulfilling, and will encourage employees to exhibit autonomy and creativity and find self-fulfillment through the work.



Organization where you can share dreams and strive for them

Based on the individual-centered management we established on our own, we seek to create a company that suits the new era.

Individual-centered management is a management system for promoting the growth of each employee along with the company and addressing challenges by using the company’s programs and tools in order to attain job satisfaction and well-being.

There is a saying “Business is people.” In the age to come, the qualities of individuals, the willingness to take on new challenges, and sincere morality will be increasingly important.

Under the motto “Take the initiative with passion,” we will share the dreams and aim at becoming “a unique corporate group that operates on a global scale and makes contribution to the society” together.




Respect for persons

We explicitly state: “We eliminate discrimination and conduct management by respecting the human rights of all the people” in our Code of Corporate Ethics.


The employee action guideline stipulates the following.

· We shall endeavor to understand globally recognized international codes, laws, and regulations in other countries concerning human rights.

· We shall not discriminate against others nor impair their dignity based on thoughts, creed, age, social status, nationality, birthplace, ethnic group, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, disease, or disability.

· We shall not only oppose child labor and forced labor but also avoid the use of raw materials and other substances that are manufactured under those conditions.

Thus, we remember to respect human rights.


Prevention of harassment

To prevent harassment, we stipulate the details of harassment in the requirements on services and disciplinary code in the working regulations, as well as the provision on harassment prevention, and set up a dedicated hotline as a consultation service.
The compliance hotline accepts whistle-blowing concerning compliance violations and consultations concerning power harassment and moral harassment.
For sexual harassment and maternity harassment, we set up a sexual/maternity harassment counseling room. For LGBTQ issues, we offer the LGBTQ consultation service.
As with whistle blowing, we will pay due consideration to the protection of the consulters.



Human resource development

We have a personnel affair/education system for employees to develop their capabilities and nurture their willingness to take on new challenges.

We introduced an in-house certification system for TOEIC, accounting, OJT (On the Job Training) and OFF-JT (Off the Job Training), upskilling/carrier development education, including a training hall offering an opportunity for dialog between managerial staff and employees, global human resource development education, and our own challenge system.

Our own personnel affair system

Challenge contract

We have a personnel affair system in which an employee declares a challenge goal and a challenge period by himself/herself, makes an agreement with the president, and attempts to achieve the goal with several partners he/she has designated. The reward for success and the penalty for failure are also declared by the employee With the themes of business performance improvement, development of next-generation products, production innovations, and others, in fiscal 2019, two challenges, including continued ones, were implemented.



Education/training system

We have summarized the required skills/knowledge that vary depending on the profession certification, as well as the training programs for them in the Skill and Training Map, and have developed an education system for learning them. We introduced e-learning by offering approx. 200 courses, including CSR and compliance, to help employees enlighten themselves and develop their individual capabilities.