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Product Overview



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The values ​​listed in this product list are all representative values.

When handling the products listed in this product list, please refer to the pamphlets of the individual products and auxiliary materials (chemicals), and read the “Safety Data Sheet” (SDS) in advance. You can also download (SDS) from here.
If you need individual product brochures or “Safety Data Sheets” (SDS), please apply to our sales office.
The information contained in this product list is based on our best knowledge, but without any express or implied warranty.
All chemicals may have unknown hazards and must be handled with extreme care. It is the user’s responsibility to make decisions regarding product suitability.
This information is based on careful testing and does not guarantee actual field results. It is the user’s responsibility to determine the appropriate use conditions and application for each product.
This information does not guarantee the recommendation or use of any patent.
The content of this product list is subject to change without notice. Please be aware in advance.