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You can see the articles of the t product topics which published on our PR magazine.

No.532:Effective removal of foams generated during fermentation: Technology that contributes to environmental conservation through the widespread use of biofuels  (PDF:381KB)
No.529:While maintaining gentleness on the scalp, our shampoo suppresses unwashed residue and the growth of dandruffcausing bacteria  (PDF:215KB)
No.527:Function to disperse biomass evenly in plastic  (PDF:329KB)
No.525:Fast Curing Solvent-free Inks and Coatings  (PDF:289KB)
No.524:Supporting the Performance of Lightweight and Strong Carbon Fiber  (PDF:365KB)
No.522:Functions to Shape the Ideal Food Packaging Materials  (PDF:332KB)
No.521:Keeping the Viscosityof Engine Oil Stable  (PDF:429KB)
No.520:Improving the Moisture Retention Capacity of Soil at Low Water Content  (PDF:397KB)
No.518:Function to Stop Bleeding Promptly and Protect Our Lives  (PDF:396KB)
No.516:Pigment Dispersant with Anti-static Function  (PDF:621KB)
No.514:Supporting “solidify with light”  (PDF:381KB)
No.513:Support the electronics industry by preventing a trouble associated with static electricity  (PDF:362KB) 
No.507:Functions to spread quickly and to help the agricultural chemicals work effectively  (PDF:407KB) 
No.506:Functions to Turn Images into Shapes  (PDF:563KB) 
No.503:Cushion Characteristics for Comfortable Ride  (PDF:316KB) 
No.500:Contributing to the Function to Protect by Softening the Coating Film  (PDF:410KB) 
No.499:Function to Make Things Slide Facilitating Metal Processing  (PDF:266KB) 
No.497:Preventing proliferation of bacteria that cause food poisoning  (PDF:292KB) 
No.495:Adhesive Functions Bonding Objects and Increasing Performance  (PDF:493KB) 
No.489:Continuing to Deliver Static Prevention Performance in a Wide Range of Fields from D84ust Prevention to Explosion-proofing  (PDF:274KB) 
No.485:Contributing to Fuel Efficiency andEnergy Saving with Thin Film DevelopmentEnabling Designs with High Design Properties  (PDF:370KB) 
No.484:Adding New Functions to Resins with Excellent Dispersing and Compatibilizing Effects  (PDF:924KB) 


Technical Review

You can see the articles of the technical review which published on our PR magazine.

No.154:UV-curable Resin SANRAD Series, NEOJET Series  (PDF:477KB)
No.152:ABS Resin Additive for the Improvement of its Chemical Resistance (PDF:285KB)
No.150:Application of Synthetic Wood in Prototype Molds for Food Packaging  (PDF:330KB)
No.149:Development of a PAG type Base Material for Water-soluble Metalworking Oils Which Achieves Both Lubricity and Low Foaming Property  (PDF:228KB)
No.148:Superabsorbent Polymer with Excellent Dewaterability Which Contributes to Collection and Recycling of Paper Diapers  (PDF:312KB)
No.147:Aqueous Thickeners for Cosmetic Products(Rheology Control Agents)  (PDF:356KB)
No.146:Epoxy Resin Adhesives  (PDF:239KB)
No.142:Antistatic Agents for Polyethylene Film and Sheets  (PDF:590KB)
No.140:High function pressure sensitive adhesives  (PDF:525KB)
No.139:Meniscus Injury Development of a-novel treatment method  (PDF:559KB)
No.138:Viscosity Index Improvers For Fuel saving Engine Oils  (PDF:428KB)
No.137:Emulsifiers for Emulsion Polymerization  (PDF:418KB)
No.136:Medical Use Polyethylene Glycol  (PDF:460KB)
No.134:Low-molecular-weight Polyolefins (PDF:343KB)
No.132:Rust Inhibitor (PDF:208KB)
No.129:Raw material for Polyurethane improving the ride comfort of a car (PDF:249KB)
No.125:Development of a novel medical material using silk-elastin, a functional protein (PDF:437KB)
No.123:Skin Material for Automobile Interiors (PDF:288KB)
No.122:Polyolefin Resin Modifier (PDF:600KB)
No.115:Synthetic Wood for Modeling & Tooling (PDF:724KB)
No.112:Highly Flame retardant Polyol for Rigid Polyurethane Foam (PDF:360KB)

Product Topics