The Sanyo Skin Coffret project was started with the goal of proposing valuable solutions to the cosmetics industry.

In order to strengthen our business in the cosmetic industry, we launched the Sanyo Skin Coffret project.
Managed entirely under female leadership, this company-wide project cuts across all departments and falls under direct control of the company president.



In general, women are the main consumers of cosmetics. To highlight their perspectives, we appointed female experts in the relevant cosmetic fields to lead the overall project, which consists of a majority of female staff.
“Coffret” is French for “small box”. This term embodies our desire to deliver a treasure trove of solutions for making safe and worthwhile cosmetics, much as you would find in a precious jewelry box.



Sanyo Chemical’s strengths lie in its various core technologies, including its interface control technology, as well as a development style that finds the shortest and most rational route for turning value and needs into functions, functions into physical properties, and physical properties into compositions and synthetic processes.
To date, we have developed over 3,000 functional chemicals that are used in a wide range of fields.
The Sanyo Skin Coffret project was started with the aim of proposing new value to the skin care industry by comprehensively integrating and strengthening Sanyo’s current technologies.
So far, each specialized unit has been developing products that meet various individual needs, but not only in the cosmetics field.
By applying and developing existing technologies for application in other fields, we hope to create new value that has never yet existed in the field of cosmetics.



In addition to interface control, we possess various core technologies that allow for viscosity control, pH control and fine particle manufacturing among others.
We are also developing promising new technologies in the field of biotechnology such as a silk elastin that has the same structural components as the natural elastin that makes up human skin.
With this project, we will not only secure market dominance for our existing technologies, but also translate market trends and needs into integrating and strengthening existing technologies, while introducing new technologies as needed.
Doing this allows us to provide comprehensive and engaging solutions (for materials and formulations) such as combining sensual features like wetness and smoothness with functional properties like moisturization and emulsification.



The initial stages for this project are as follows; selected members will check market values, conduct marketing research and actualize project themes to ensure faster decision making and strategic planning.
By partnering with existing expert teams as necessary and looking towards future collaborations with industry, government and academia, we plan to incrementally expand the scope of this project.
The project is scheduled to run from May 2018 until March 2021.




Coffret Project


Based on our various core technologies, including our interface control technology, we translate market trends and needs into original and engaging solutions for materials and formulations.
Our aim is to propose value to the cosmetics industry, particularly in the field of skin care. We are also strengthening our PR activities in China by signing contracts with the professional female golfers Seki Yutin and Seki Yuuri.